AskAmaret LIVESTREAM Season 1


Explore the secrets, sciences and myths surrounding the notions of mind-mastery techniques that have been misunderstood throughout history. This collection includes 2 months of recorded Live Stream Webinars only available to exclusive members in The School Of Thought Mechanics. Jonathan Amaret addresses real-time questions from his students and provides in-depth insight for them to apply in their daily lives.


1. Introduction to Thought Mechanics Live Stream

Witness the very first Live Stream broadcast by Jonathan Amaret. In this episode, Jonathan covers questions about lucid dreaming, controlling your perception, and advanced manifestation techniques.

2. Studying The Behavior Of Energy

In Episode 2, Jonathan takes his students through the Advanced Morning Intention Prayer to teach you how to set yourself up for success. On this live stream, you will learn the methodology for overcoming fear and attachment, go deeper into the six-degrees to reality, and learn how to open your third eye.

3. Taking Control Of Your Life

The ability to create your own reality is an incredible gift; however, there are common obstacles that create challenges to accept responsibility for it. Jonathan provides insight on how to overcome laziness and develop discipline, how to attract more customers into your business, and how to stay out of harms way.

4. Emotional Mastery

In this final episode, Jonathan teaches students how to change their emotional perceptions that create reality. Study the major challenges that derail most people from success and discover what is causing you to sabotage your goals.


Must pass requirements of this course to complete Level 1

“Nobody can be told what the matrix is, you have to see it for yourself.”

The Matrix (1999)